Verification of the Payment by Results Scheme in the Rural Water Sub-Sector in Tanzania

The programme supports the access of Tanzania’s rural population to water supply by implementing an innovative payment approach which incentivises improved service delivery. Local Government Authorities (LGAs) gather data and report each month on the number and functionality status of water points in their district. Annual independent verification of this data is then conducted by IWEL, including a field-based check and is currently trialling a phone-based survey check given the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 and also as a pilot testing as an exit strategy mechanism. The programme also has a large learning component, focussing on assessing how successfully the payment modality ensures improvements to delivery of improved water services. This will enhance the resilience and long-term sustainability of rural water supply in Tanzania and will feed into Tanzania’s National Development Vision 2025, which strives to provide a minimum of 90% of the country’s rural popular with access to safe water and sanitation by 2025.

2018 - Present

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)