Monitoring, Verification and Evaluation Services for the WASH Results Programme

2013 - Present

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)

Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia

Monitoring, Verification and advisory technical support for the £112 million WASH Results Programme. The programme is supporting people in 11 countries, including 8 in Africa, to access improved water and sanitation, and to introduce improved hygiene practices. Three consortia of NGOs were contracted by FCDO to undertake large-scale delivery of WASH, operating under a Payment-by-Results modality whereby payment is received upon the successful verification of their results. The monitoring, verification provider (MVE) was responsible for developing a series of indicators, methodology and data collection and reporting tools, to verify claimed achievements by the NGO’s across all countries.


The programme runs until 2021, and enabled 1.6 million people to gain access to water, 7.4 million to sanitation, reached 16.1 million with hygiene promotion. As part of the MVE provider IWEL consultants have led the production of learning briefs and practical ‘how to’ notes presenting knowledge from the project in an easily accessible way. The MVE provider also reported to FCDO on the likely sustainability of programme outcomes and the extent to which implementing partners were working to strengthen in-country systems for WASH.