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​IWEL works to improve the stewardship of water through better management practices.
We encourage and facilitate new ideas at the delicate threshold between water resource availability and scarcity. Water is globally recognised as a crucial element for economic development, shown by the water and sanitation related targets in the Millennium Development Goals and the importance of the sustainability of resources is being recognised in the emerging consensus on the post-2015 development targets. Poor people are usually the most dependent on their natural environment for their health and livelihood, and yet are most vulnerable to poor management of their environment, especially water. ​


IWEL ​understands the need for economic growth to protect water resources in the future. However, long term​​ development of water must be matched with practical multidisciplinary skills to understand risk, planning, social responsibility, research, education and training. Our expertise in communication and knowledge management assists with the need for shared water information systems to improve overall water management. We facilitate access to comprehensive, representative and reliable information and provide monitoring and learning skills to help clients identify options for scaling-up, using water as a catalyst for wider development and growth.

IWEL was established in 1999 and over the last 21 years it has developed a strong reputation in the water sector as one of few companies globally whose core business balances technical expertise in water infrastructure with skills in ‘soft’ issues, covering institutions, governance, communities, strategic evaluation, field survey and planning.

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