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InWASH Impact Evaluation Methodology Development

2022 - Present

Water Integrity Network


Water Integrity Network (WIN) works with water utilities to help them address their integrity risks and improve aspects of transparency, accountability, participation, and anticorruption. The InWASH tool consists of a suite of components and activities that can be applied to enable this integrity management process. The organisation has registered positive results as a result of its engagements but currently lacks a means by which impact can be systematically assessed following their support.


Iwel has been contracted to develop an impact evaluation methodology to address this gap. The design needs to be simple to implement but able to produce robust data that provides insights into the impact the InWASH tool is having with utilities, as well as learning points for how it can be improved. The Iwel team is working in close collaboration with WIN and other stakeholders to create a methodology that is fit for purpose and aligned with existing tools and indicators.

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