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Monitoring and Evaluation System Development

2022 - Present

Tools for Self Reliance (TFSR)

Desk-based; Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia

Tools for Self Reliance (TFSR) are a UK-based charity that provide training and tools to support livelihoods resilience across various countries in Africa. As part of their new strategy development, they are seeking an overhaul of existing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and processes.

Iwel have been contracted to support the design and development of a new M&E system, and provide ongoing technical input to support its piloting and roll-out with in-country partners. Following an in-depth document review and consultation, the team facilitated a two-day co-creation workshop with TFSR to compose a Theory of Action and Theory of Change. These were used to develop indicators for impact and informed various M&E tools that are currently in development, as well as the overarching M&E strategy.


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