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Meta Study of Existing Water Supply and Sanitation Research

2021 - 2022

Desk-based contracted Iwel and Aguaconsult to undertake a meta-analysis of its existing evidence base and draw out findings across a variety of related themes. These consisted of climate change, women's empowerment, health and safety, WaterCredit as an accelerator, and household finances. The aim of the research was to draw out insights from the internal data, including findings and gaps, and contrast these to current thinking from the wider water sector.

The assignment consisted of an in-depth review of internal documents and external literature across the five themes, as well as stakeholder consultation. Findings from the internal and external data were then compared and recommendations made to improve's programming in different areas. Iwel's work was published on an interactive site found here and the reports can be accessed individually here. Findings from the household finances, climate change, and health and safety papers were also presented at World Water Week in 2022.

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